Electric Motorcycle Cruiser

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Dutch Orphiro Open link in a new window is a nice looking cruiser that has recently been introduced to the local press. Made in The Netherlands, you're not going to be able to cross the country to go to Sturgis with it, but you'll be able to ride some 100 kilometers before you need to recharge the 5 batteries.

Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle

Top speed is nothing close to the Ducati Diavel, with a maximum speed of 120 kph, and with a price of €49,000, excluding sales tax, you'll not find one in a garage close to you, unless you live in Beverly Hills.

Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle

But as electric motorcycles go, the bike looks good. In fact, if you think about it, cruisers should make excellent electric motorcycles. Low speeds, no need for enormous riding range, a cruiser is a great electric bike. They do not plan to mass produce the bike, but are planning to custom make them for companies for promotional activities.

Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle

The unhelpful heritage vanishes.

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