Mio ZR

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news release of news that Honda will launch the latest generation Vario, Yamaha seems to make hot. Mio ZR reportedly was going to be released soon.

This was disclosed Vice President YMKI Dionysius Betti news conference was interrupted Meet and Greet Miss Indonesia 2009 at the Hotel Mercure, Ancol, Jakarta.

Although reluctant to mention when the launch Yamaha Mio ZR certainty, but he assured this bike will soon be available in the community. "As soon as we launched," a brief commentary.

When looking appearance, Mio ZR arguably facelift version of the existing Mio Soul. With dimensions of 1820 mm long, 675 mm width, and height 1050 mm, and the engine capacity of 113.7 cc SOHC 4-stroke is similar to the Mio and Mio Soul.

If Honda and Yamaha scooters realize automatic (scooter) their latest, then certainly Soil water scooter market will more and more choices.

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