Buell Prepare 3 New Models

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COMPANY motor Erik Buell Racing (EBR) shows its rise with the setting up of new models to market welcomed 2012. Buell brand had faded after its ownership was taken over Harley-Davidson late 2009.

Slowly but surely, after introducing a 1190RR in early 2010, U.S. companies are re-introduced the successor generation that is 1190RS in February.

Now, the EBR has prepared three models to 1190RS, dubbed the RX, SX and AX. As reported by autoevolution.com, there are three possibilities of this new model will use different machines with the RS.

1190RS Buell V-Twin engine equipped with liquid cooling capacity of 1190cc. The engine generates maximum power of 175 hp at 9400 rpm rotation and 97 ft-lbs of torque at 9400 rpm range.

Buell 1190RS produced only 100 units, but all three models is expected to be produced in much smaller banyak.Sementara for colors available in several options including Abraxas Inferno, Boreas Frost, Burnt Armor and Pitch Black. (UKy)

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