Also Akrapovic Exhaust Used Motor Co

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Also Akrapovic Exhaust Used Motor Co, akrapovic exhaust increasingly in demand among users of two-wheeled. Now the exhaust specialists from Sweden is not only loved by sportbike riders and race teams only. Exif Bike Company said it will develop a custom chopper motorcycle with Akrapovic exhaust.

In the process of development, Bike Exif work with partners who also comes from Slovenia which is Dreamachine Motorcycles.

Morsus chopper armed with machine S & S and has a capacity of 1.852 cc 114hp to develop power using Akrapovic exhaust has been modified. Of course, with the help of a six-speed manual transmission system.

In addition to the exhaust Morsus also experience changes as the eye-popping features, carbon 26-inch alloy wheels, teardrop mirrors and 3D triangles.

"This project represents a big challenge for me. I really liked the work of Igor Akrapovi and I want to reconcile the world's best motor racing and custom." Motorcycle Dreamachine representative said, Tomaz Capuder.

Unfortunately, Morsus chopper is not for sale. This motor will only be displayed on a custom motor show in the world this year. (UKy)

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