2011 Honda CBR125R

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Secrets of powerful acceleration and power is obtained from a high compression ratio. Honda gives u 11:1 compression ratio. Yamaha Jupiter MX only has a ratio of 10,9:1. While his brother had just CBR250R ratio 10,7:1.

CBR125R will use 6-speed transmission system with a final drive O-ring sealed chain. Motor ignition system uses an electronic system.
2011 Honda CBR125R Bodywork and Dashboard2011 Honda CBR125R Bodywork and Dashboard

2011 Honda CBR125R Pictures2011 Honda CBR125R Pictures

2011 Honda CBR125R Black Color2011 Honda CBR125R Black Color

2011 Honda CBR125R Photos2011 Honda CBR125R Photos

2011 Honda CBR125R Tricolor Edition2011 Honda CBR125R Tricolor Edition

2011 Honda CBR125R Sportbike2011 Honda CBR125R Sportbike

2011 Honda CBR125R Rear Angle ViewThe concept of order CBR125R using pentagonal model. Honda Europe confirms this order to give greater stability to the motor until easy to drive. Honda also membreikan premium-class suspension system. Hydraulic shock absorbers front 31mm telescopic fork and monoshock rear shock uses.
Front wheel size 100/80-17 and 130/70-17 at the rear wheels. While affairs brakes 276mm front brake discs and twin-piston caliper disc barke 220mm single-piston caliper at the rear.

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