Unique Electric Motors Suzuki

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Unique Electric Motors Suzuki, Do not want to miss in terms of technology or environmentally friendly Eco Friendly, Suzuki showcased the concept of Town Kart electric motor that looks somewhat unique.

Most electric motors on show at the arena Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2010 two-wheel like a motorcycle. But, Town Kart in fact have four wheels. Uniquely, Town Kart has a seat, instead of as usual seat motor.

Has the power stored in batteries 2 pieces shield SC24-12 12 volt/22 Ah, Suzuki Town Kart able to supply power to two electric motors DC24V180W which then rear-wheel drive (rear wheel drive) vehicle.

Town Kart is more suitable for the elderly to activity outside the home. Apart from a small and simple, Town Kart suitable for seats that have shaped seat with armrest.

Vehicles with a length of 1.120 mm, width 650 mm, 1.090 mm ​​high and weighing 88 kg is equipped with wheels nonflat 2:50-6-4PR as many as four pieces, two in front and two in the rear. This allows the Town Kart more easy to drive.

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