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Look at the series premiere Indoprix (IP) on 3 April 2010 held at the Sentul International Circuit, West Java. And the new history tertoreh in this great racing event. Facts prove, Edge Kawasaki fastest in IP1-125 cc class. In session kualiï ¬? cation Superpole Hadi Wijaya posted a fastest time of 1:57.773. This record is different thin 1:57.942
This set the momentum of encouraging manufacturers Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI), the newly launched Edge whole corn in the early years of the tiger. And proved, the victory flag flying on the International Circuit in Bogor district, West Java. Not unless, the artist who became an icon Kamal Point Edge Kawasaki. This year was recorded in class IP1 (duck tune-up 125 cc), there are 31 racers, while the class IP2 (duck tune-up 110 cc) 27 participants.
Hadi and Edge also competing surrounded its rivals. While the motor industry had the initials 'Y' is supported nine teams and 14 drivers. While the motor bearing the 'S' seconded two teams with three drivers. "High Compression 13,6:1 supplied Avtur and main fuel jet 27 is more than enough," said Begawan 4-stroke is based in Yogyakarta.
According to Ibn, special training sessions Edge Kawasaki at Sentul some time ago, the output power reaches 24.7 dk/15.000 Edge rpm. Even so, in the race a maximum Hadi could not twist the gas. The rain that soaked asphalt circuit so the main obstacle. Sentul Temperatures dropped dramatically so 27ËšC and humidity 72%, far from the desired ideal conditions 36ËšC and humidity below 50%.


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