Harley Party Special for "Bikers" Girls

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Harley Party Special for "Bikers" Girls, Hundreds of motorcycle dealer Harley-Davidson held a special activity of girls, Garage Party, in the entire United States. Free campaign was organized with the concept of education and entertainment throughout March 2010.

Various topics will be discussed, among other things, the basic controls on a motorcycle, engineering modifications, ergonomic position, and the preparation that is required when riding.

"Garage Party to encourage thousands of women to learn to ride MOGE in recent years. The event is to help educate and build confidence rider woman, for a new one. March this is also a good time to start involving the weaker sex," said Leslie Prevish, Women's Outreach Manager of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

One part of the activities of the National Garage Party Month, HD, also offers spa treatments in Los Angeles for a woman who has to invite three friends to participate in the program.

The visitors Garage Party will form small groups and must pass a series of seminar materials. Some of the themes is the orientation seminar offered Motorcycles, Fashion Product Bikers, Modification Guide Moge, and Personal Service, how to control the relatively heavy moge.

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