History of Honda Motorcycle Success

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Started 2010 off as a financial success for Honda Motor Co., which saw profits with net income of slightly more than 72 billion yen in January Q1 March. Honda hit a recession again in 2009, when the hard disk in the same period, they saw a loss of nearly of 179 billion yen this year's commemoration, but the situation improved.

The Honda Motor Company set up in 1940 in the late Soichiro Honda, organized by the Japanese, which aims to produce and cheap way of transport for those after World War II. Have found a company specialized in the production of motorcycles and the release of 'Form C', which was considered a success. This led to the production of what was known later as the 'Dream Form D' which was a cheap bike with three horses and two-speed transfer. Honda, and then continued his journey to produce a wide range of machinery and spare parts for Honda motorcycles, which resulted in confidence in the eventual benefit of the consumer and financial success.

Have moved on considerably both in technological progress, history, and Honda, a great success and celebrated this year. This is due to many factors, including the large increase in Asia, which rose by 28.2%. This is due to the increase in the number of motorcycles and cars are sold, as well as changes in currency conversion.

For the fiscal year ended last March 31, 2010, Honda released the numbers from 95.9% increase in net income and revenue of the company for this year amounted to 8.57 trillion yen. This was still lower compared with the fiscal year 2008-2009, but still shows a good recovery. The company now expects net income of 340 billion yen for the next fiscal year 2010-2011, with projected sales of 9.34 trillion yen. Showed the firm's sales of motorcycles, from 2.6 million units during the period from January to March, which represents an increase of 30 per cent compared to last year.

Honda hopes to continue this success in order to reach the expected goals for the year 2011 and designed to achieve substantial profits in the next year. This reflects the way in which the company has worked to gain more market share in the automotive industry and the motorcycles. With a group of motorcycles Honda high quality published this year, as well as spare parts for Honda motorcycles, accessories, and they are looking to increase this share even further and remains one of the largest manufacture of motorcycles in the world have even seen.

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