eCaddy Motorcycle Clock Pre-Production Sale - SAVE $20!

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Sometimes a biker just doesn't want to watch the clock. But when you do... well, it would be helpful if you could actually SEE the dang clock face!

Now you can - even on the most "rumble-y" motorcycles.
  • The eCaddy Clock face is a full TWO INCHES in diameter (the competitor's are 1-5/8 inch or smaller)!

  • The eCaddy numbers and clock hands are bold AND luminescent so you can view them in the dark.

  • Face is available in either black or white

  • And the MADE-IN-THE-USA all-chrome mount has Unlimited Positioning Options!
To get this product off to a solid start, we're offering $20 OFF if you purchase NOW (the deal ends July 25!). To get more details: eCaddy Motorcycle Clocks

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