2010 Vintage Honda Motorcycles Interceptor VFR1200F

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2010 Honda Interceptor VFR1200F
From the distinctive X-shape headlight to A machine that can be many things to many riders. This is a motorcycle like no other. These are the qualities that are deeply embedded in the all-new VFR1200F. The integration of sophisticated design and Honda-renowned engineering.

Innovation – The perfect fusion of beauty and function. Style. Just a few of the incredible features and benefits found in the VFR1200F include Honda MotoGP engine technology and architecture; a light and compact 1237cc liquid-cooled 76-degree V-4 that pumps out amazing levels of power; Throttle By Wire for next-generation throttle response; lightweight and compact Unicam valvetrain allows for significantly smaller cylinder heads; optional Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission with manual mode and automatic mode with two D/S modes and paddle-style shifters; Honda slipper clutch in the manual-shift VFR1200F; GP technology layer-concept aero fairing for unrivaled air management and futuristic style; next-generation shaft drive system with offset pivot point and sliding constant-velocity joint for a new level of shaft-drive performance and control. Net result: a futuristic sport motorcycle created for the sheer joy of riding, custom tailored for experienced hands who ride hard, ride long, ride far and ride often.

It has been re-created in astonishingly innovative form through the fusion of advanced technology imported from the MotoGP world and other cutting-edge environments. Honda's V-4 heritage and VFR tradition is fully realized in the VFR1200F. Drawing from a longstanding legacy of innovation within Honda's V-4 lineup, the 2010 VFR1200F embodies the new generation of V-4 technology and unsurpassed rider benefits, setting the stage for Honda's next 50 years.

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